Inspiration On-the-Go

Sometimes God drops a message on me when I'm simply going about my day. In these times, I don't always have time to grab a camera and prepare it for YouTube. I simply share it as I go. These candid messages encourage us as we seek to grow spiritually.

Letting Go of Guilt

You are not called to feel guilty for as long as other people stay mad. Guilt has a purpose (see video). Once it's served, say goodbye to it. You are not defined by other people's inability to heal.

2 Things We're Missing

My heart is very heavy for the body of Christ. I often feel that we are "missing it," in two primary ways. So here's an appeal to all of us: Let's not forget the point of our walk.

(PS - Sorry it cuts off at the end--I got a phone call lol. But I said what I wanted to say.)

Don't Be Dis-Couraged

Don’t let the enemy use human backlash to “dis-courage” you from your God assignment.