Jarell Greer

Jarell Greer was born in 1984 in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is from Richmond, CA and is the son of Pastor Juanita Greer. After surviving difficult early years, he found the Lord as a teenager and his life was forever transformed. Jarell has a passion for chasing the heart of God, which gave rise to his pseudonym "JTruth tha Heartchaser," and has marked his journey with Christ.

A lover of music and ministry, Jarell is both a Christian hip hop artist and a preacher and teacher of God's word. He recorded two musical projects with former group J. Christ Remnant: The Intro and 75th Floor. He also released a solo project called Bang That Truth. In 2010 Jarell attended School of Urban Missions in Oakland where he pursued Biblical Studies. He has served as a youth leader at Emmanuel Temple, Blessed Faith, and Bethesda Apostolic Church. He also served as Youth Minister at Tree of Life in Richmond. In July 2017, he married his wife, Alicia. Together, they desire to be impactful for the kingdom of God in their generation.

Alicia Renee Greer

Alicia was born in 1984 in the Philadelphia, PA area but was raised in the Bay Area, CA. The daughter of Pastor Paul & Lady Meredith Sheppard, she was raised in church and has known the Lord from a young age. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2006 with a bachelor's degree in English and Psychology, and later went on to get her Master of Arts in Christian Leadership from Grand Canyon University in 2014. In 2008 she published her book, Dethroning the Queen to teach women biblical principles for overcoming competitive relationships with one another. Alicia also enjoys finding relatable and creative ways to share spiritual truth, whether through blogging, radio, or her YouTube channel. 

In addition to teaching, Alicia has a passion for dance, and has been a part of Faithful Dance Company in Los Angeles, and Ross Dance Company in the Bay Area. Currently, she serves as Executive Director of her father's broadcast ministry, Destined for Victory. Alicia married Jarell in 2017, and the two of them are excited to combine their gifts and continue serving God together.

Our Wedding

For years, both Jarell and Alicia each had a strong desire to marry, but both had a endure a long and at times difficult season of waiting. Part of their testimony is their joint commitment to be sexually abstinent before marriage. They both feel that their coming together has been evidence of God's faithfulness. On their wedding day, they shared their stories. For a glimpse into their special day and their wedding testimony, watch the highlight video below.

(Alicia surprised Jarell by sharing a spoken word poem during the wedding. For a copy of that poem, click here).